1. Hazardous, medical and domestic waste handling services 
  2. Waste Management advisory services 
  3. Social risk assessments 
  4. Environmental and energy assessments including Environmental and Social Impact Assessments as well as Environmental Audits 
  5. Feasibility studies, Power line Survey and Designs, Electrical and Civil Engineering services, project planning & Management as well project supervision  
  • Strategic Environmental assessments   
  • Resettlement Action Plans 
  • Environmental monitoring services: We prepare client tailored Environmental Monitoring Plans, Implement and monitor it as well as regular transmission of data and information to our client. 
  • Health and safety advisory including audits 
  • Coordination of clients’ environmental services with regulatory authority, including supervising assignments, follow-up and acquisition of the necessary permits, licenses, and certificates. 
  • Environmental related assets management 
  • Social Economic Baseline data surveys and feasibility studies 
  • Development, installation, implementation and management of Environmental Management Systems.  14. Carbon trading (CDM and voluntary) advisory services